Treat Her Like Royalty With the Best Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Gift Idea

  Instead of just buying her flowers and chocolates, why not make her feel like a queen this Valentine’s Day? By combining a regal date with luxurious jewelry, you’ll make her shine like royalty. From private horse-drawn carriage rides to timeless treasures, we have some truly spectacular ideas that’ll wow your significant other. Get inspired … Read more

The History of the Royal Jewels

Royal Jewels

Throughout time, we’ve been fascinated by the striking beauty of diamonds, gemstones and fine jewelry. When we wear sparkling statement pieces we look and feel our absolute best, which may add to our utter fascination with these pretty pieces. It’s no wonder we aim to collect timeless treasures throughout our lifetimes. And, with the influence … Read more

Peridot – The Emerald of the Seas

Peridot, or evening emerald as it’s often called due to the allure of its green color, is the official birthstone of August. It’s also the stone given on the 16th wedding anniversary. Let’s learn more about this fascinating gemstone, shall we? A little lesson in history Peridot and Diamond Pendant For over 3,500 years, peridot … Read more

Pearls – Shiny beauties of the sea

june birthstone

Those born in June have not one, but three rare, beautiful birthstones to call their own – pearl, moonstone and alexandrite. Today, we are going to talk about pearls. Pearls! The word itself immediately magical images of incredible wealth, impeccable grace and nobility. Throughout history, pearls have always been associated with potentiality and wealth, for … Read more