Jewelry cleaning tips to keep your gem sparkling for years to come

Jewelry Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Gem Sparkling For Years To Come

Spring is finally here... the season we've all been waiting for! Springtime is a unique time of year, that always seems to put an extra hop in our steps and fills us with the desire to start things fresh. To help create that clean slate, spring is also traditionally an opportune time to get out the mop and broom and clear out the clutter.

As you work to make things clean and new again, whether scrubbing the walls or polishing up the woodwork, don't forget to revitalize the sparkle to your jewelry collection too. Your smallest treasures are often the ones most overlooked. Now's the perfect time to dust off the jewelry box and give the precious items inside the attention they deserve.

Proper cleaning know-how could prolong the life of your jewelry and with that in mind, we have compiled a list of six simple, yet essential tips to help you care for your gemstones right at home:

  • Be sure to steer clear of the sink when giving your bling a scrub. Gemstones get slippery when wet and can pop out of your hand and down the sink before you know it.
  • If cluttered together, your immaculate jewelry can become scratched, even diamonds! So, when you’re not wearing them, place each item in a separate, soft case or box.
  • Clean your jewelry often to avoid the build-up of dirt, which can be damaging to the stone.
  • When in doubt about what cleaning solution to use (as there are ones dedicated just for diamonds, others for silver, while still other jewelry cleaners specifically for pearls, opals, and emeralds), use warm water and a soft toothbrush to get your gems glistening again.
  • Diamonds can be cleaned with ammonia-based cleaners and with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and isopropyl alcohol, using a soft toothbrush. Be sure to dry them with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Strands of pearls should be cleaned using a slightly damp cloth to wipe the dirt off. If the string gets wet, it can weaken and be more prone to breakage.

The need for jewelry inspection

Aside from at-home care, it's wise to have your jewelry inspected by your jeweler on a regular basis for loose settings and faulty clasps. A prong that is loose, worn or catches on fabric may cause the precious stone to fall out of the setting. At inspection, it's also a good idea to have your jewelry re-evaluated based on current market values to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage in the unfortunate event of loss, theft or damage.

The last word

As you get in a spring-cleaning frenzy, pay some attention to what's in your jewelry box as well. With the proper jewelry care and cleaning know-how, you could keep your precious pieces sparkly and looking like new for years to come.