The History of the Royal Jewels

The History Of The Royal Jewels

Throughout time, we’ve been fascinated by the striking beauty of diamonds, gemstones and fine jewelry. When we wear sparkling statement pieces we look and feel our absolute best, which may add to our utter fascination with these pretty pieces. It’s no wonder we aim to collect timeless treasures throughout our lifetimes. And, with the influence of prominent monarchies, like the British Royal Family, the desire for heirloom-worthy jewelry has only grown. At King’s Jewelry we want you to be able to build a noble collection of your own. That’s why we are taking a look at some of our favorite royal pieces to give you a bit of inspiration for your jewelry box.

Powerful Pearls

In 1952, Queen Elizabeth II was gifted a dashing three strand set of pearls from her father. The two shared a special bond which made the Queen love her necklace even more. Throughout her reign, she had three more necklaces made identical to the original. This allowed her to rotate through each piece and incorporate the classic element into her “official uniform”. As the ruler of the British monarchy, it was rare to see her without the notable strand of pearls. The simple treasures transcend time making them popular heirlooms for the royals and beyond. Add a strand or two of perfect pearls to your collection and accessorize like a queen. You can keep your look contemporary with the modern design of this Rose Gold and Pink Pearl strand.

The Swoon-worthy Sapphire

Diamonds are notoriously known for being the top choice for engagement rings and bridal jewelry. But, sometimes a gemstone can take center stage and sweep the bride off her feet. That was the case for Princess Diana when she chose to settle on a brilliant sapphire engagement ring for her union to Prince Charles. While the vibrant blue gemstone is no stranger to the royal family line (many of their pieces feature sapphires) the way in which Princess Diana effortlessly wore the ring made it iconic. Channel your inner ruler with a colored gemstone engagement ring of your own. This Diamond & Sapphire Ring features a vibrant blue centerpiece surrounded by a halo of diamonds, resembling the late royal’s fashionable choice.

Iconic Diamonds

In 1907 King Edward VII was presented with the most celebrated diamond in the world, The Cullinan Diamond. It was the largest stone ever found near Pretoria in South Africa just a few years prior. The illustrious gemstone was gifted to the king as a peace offering from the Government of Transvaal following the Boer War. From there, the diamond was cut and polished into nine shimmering stones and then incorporated into the Imperial State Crown and Sovereign’s Sceptre. While these glimmering pieces are some of the rarest on earth, you can shine just as brilliantly with a timeless diamond of your own. Begin your search for the perfect stone at King’s Jewelry by using our online diamond search tool. You’ll be able to easily browse our selection of loose diamonds and discover something you’ll love.

Find Your Noble Fit at King’s Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for a radiant diamond engagement ring or a unique piece of jewelry to make a statement, you’ll find everything you love and more at King’s Jewelry. So, if you want to be part of a noble family line, start by joining ours. We’ll help you browse through our incredible selection and discover the perfect piece for you. Come into any one of our seven stores to get the royal treatment and build your own collection of Crown Jewels.